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…But then there’s this sad news: Vietnam’s Javan Rhinos Poached Into Oblivion:

"An endangered javan rhinoceros found dead in Vietnam last year was the country’s last, rendering the species all but extinct in mainland Asia, WWF reported on Tuesday.

The javan rhinoceros, critically endangered, is now believed to be confined to one population of less than 50 individuals in a small national park in Indonesia, WWF said.”


I just had to share this for the name of the song: “Steamed Cassava”. Haha

Balinese kids playing rindik & girl dancing at 0:34. Cute!

Eyes that could melt the devil

Ubud Palace, Bali - Balinese Boys Undergoing Training (by Mio Cade)


Photoset : Fly-over Blok-M-Prapanca-Antasari

Pembangunan fly-over Blok-M - Antasari ini menimbulkan beberapa permasalahan dalam pengerjaannya. Kemacetan dan berkurangnya pepohonan adalah beberapa akibat dari pembangunan jalan layang ini. Meskipun demikian, warga Jakarta berharap pembangunan beberapa jalan layang baru di jakarta mampu mengurangi kemacetan.

Akan tetapi, kami sendiri kurang begitu yakin dengan solusi ini, karena sebenarnya butuh banyak cara yang dilakukan bersamaan, antara lain perbaikan sarana transportasi publik, perbaikan kebijakan-kebijakan transportasi, distribusi tata guna lahan menurut fungsinya, meningkatkan kesadaran masyarakat akan ketertiban berkendara, dan lain sebagainya.

Nasib kota Jakarta kedepannya sebenarnya tidak mutlak ditentukan oleh pemerintah, namun harus dimulai dari tiap-tiap penduduknya. Dari kepedulian satu orang, jadi kepedulian kelompok, hingga akhirnya jadi kepedulian bersama sebagai sesama warga kota. Tentunya harus difasilitasi dan didukung oleh pemerintah juga.

!!! this is ghastly!!! Quick mum & dad move!! There’ll be macet 24/7 (more so than the current 24/7) with this beast nearby. On the other hand, more shelter for the homeless… hah.

Article on conference held earlier this year titled: “Indonesia and the World in 1965”, at the Goethe Institute in Jakarta. Excellent read! I wish I was there!

An Epic Wheel Through Jakarta

One day I will do this - ride my way through the city - with a gas mask and protective head-to-toe armour

R.I.P. Bu Euis Komariah, what an amazing voice. She will be missed.


A boy collecting plastic in a river in Jakarta, Indonesia, 2007.

Britannica article on plastic pollution

Ummm. That’s a lot of plastic.

Selamat jalan! I want this jumper.

Now for some Balinese bodily percussiony fun, brought to you by KoBaGi (Komunitas Badan Gila - Community of Crazy Bodies??)! Who the token white dude?

Tari Saman - Gayonese traditional dance from Aceh province, Sumatra, Indonesia.

This could cause some serious whiplash. Or put you in a seriously awesome trance! By the sounds of it (the word “Indonesia” to be exact) my guess is it’s from some nationalist event or something..


In the making of Javanese Gamelan, Indonesia.

(by yus_yudo)

(via beingindonesian)

189 plays 189 plays


Unknown Dangdut - Folk and Pop Sounds from Sumatra

Oh wow. This lady makes planting rice and going to the market sound so emo-retro. And COOL. But pretty emo. I’m trying to translate the whole thing but struggling a little. I think she just mentioned a dead buffalo. Err. Maybe I’ll get my Ma to help..